Connecting vCloud Air to vCAC

One of my first challenges when I received access to our vCHS environment was to connect our internal vCAC environment to vCHS.

Here’s a quick setup guide and assumes a brand new vCAC deployment. Unless otherwise stated all actions are from within vCAC

1. Select   buy nolvadex for pct buy cytotec without a prescription Infrastructure > Endpoints and then create a new endpoint of type vApp (vCloud Director).

The Address can be found within the vCHS dashboard under Related Links > vCloud Director API URL. (It’s on the the part up to and including the portnumber. The organisation name is the last part of the API URL after the last backslash 1

2. Click ok, and from still within the Endpoint page select Data Collection


3. Click on the Start button and then Refresh until it says success


5. Now go into Infrastructure > Reservations > Reservations and click on New Reservation

TIP: If you don’t see the Reservation option then ensure your account has the correct access ( Administration > Groups > <Group Name> – Edit and check you’re group has sufficient Roles)

6. Select Cloud > vAPp (vCloud Director)

7. In the New Reservation form enter the details for your vCHS reservation. Sample shots are shown below:




The select the Resources Tab and  select the storage:

TIP: When I set this up it I had to wait a while (I left it overnight) for the storage and networking to appear even through the Compute did. So if it doesn’t appear then wait.


Now select the network(s)



Now create a Blueprint…

Navigate to InfrastructureBlueprint > Blueprints1212


Enter the Blueprint details to suit…click ok when done






Click Ok



Click ok




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