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Group Policy WMI Namespace Warning

When creating WMI filters you may get the following warnings on Windows Server 2012 R2 (possibly other versions as well). ” Either the namespace entered is not a valid namespace on the local computer or you do not have access to this namespace on this computer.  It is possible this is a valid namespace on …

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Group Policy Mechanics – A Deep Dive

Did you ever want to know how Group Policy really works behind the scenes, such as how Active Directory knows that a GPO is linked up to a particular OU or how it connects up to the files in Sysvol? If you do then this is the post for you. Why is it useful to …

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GPO Inaccessible error message in the GPMC

This may be seen within the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) when the permissions on the GPO have been changed. By default the Authenticated Users group (which covers all Users and Computers within the domain) has Read and Apply group policy permissions. This means that the GPO will apply to any users or computers within …

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Group Policy Security Filtering Deep Dive

How does Security Filtering work under the hood? The standard way of targeting Group Policy is by linking the GPOs to Sites, Domains or Organizational Units. This is fine for many scenarios but it has some drawbacks. An important one is when you want to have a large number of users or computers in one OU i.e. the …

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