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Connecting vCloud Air to vCAC

One of my first challenges when I received access to our vCHS environment was to connect our internal vCAC environment to vCHS. Here’s a quick setup guide and assumes a brand new vCAC deployment. Unless otherwise stated all actions are from within vCAC 1. Select  Infrastructure > Endpoints and then create a new endpoint of type vApp (vCloud …

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How to manage vCloud Air via the vSphere client

In order to manage the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service with the vSphere client you first need to install the vCloud Connector. The vCC comes in one free version now, it used to be two but now you get all features for free. This post shows the steps to set this up: Summary: Download the vCC …

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A common mistake when sizing virtual environments

When designing a virtual infrastructure to host either desktops (VDI) or servers it’s important to size it correctly. Time and time again I see people misunderstand the approach to sizing by reading metrics on the face value but not fully understanding them. I’m going to specifically focus on compute sizing, that is how much CPU …

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VMware Horizon Mirage pivot fails if you replace the logon GINA

Issue When trying to perform a migration recentl the pivot process failed to complete as expected due to Imprivata. Imprivata is a SSO solution which replaces the Windows GINA (Interactive Logon) to provide a custom login screen. When attempting the Pivot process (VMware Horizon Mirage 4.3) the Windows Update Splash screen doesn’t appear and the standard Windows …

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Understanding the basics of vCloud Air networking

Internally within vCloud Air there are two types of networks you can create: Isolated Routed Isolated Networks Isolated networks allow traffic only between virtual machines within that network therefore they are not able to communicate to the outside world. The use cases for these are more limited than for routed networks, but could be useful when …

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